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Enjoy workout sessions with me in the privacy of your own home.

My name is Deanna Amodie, and I am a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer. I specialize in program design for ages 65+. My video subscription channel offers a variety of workouts designed with this age group in mind. I take into account fitness levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced and all programs provide specific instruction to execute each exercise safely and effectively for your fitness level. My workouts focus on Circuit Interval Training, one of the best known ways to exercise the body. My programs are challenging and results driven but keep a low impact focus for building muscle tone, burning fat and building core strength and stability. In addition, all programs include proper warm ups, balance, coordination and flexibility. My low impact focus does not mean easier, it means no jumping or high intensity movements. The workouts are easy on the knees and low back and proper modifications are provided during each workout for those with particular ailments. A "Beginner Basics" Workout Series is available if you are just getting started and wish to begin at a basic pace. If you are familiar with exercise and have been exercising regularly you can begin with my standard level workouts.  Strong Over 65 has over 35 videos to choose from daily. I provide a complete Workout Guide, Workout Plan and a Log for you to keep track of your fitness and how to perform the workouts for best results.  Your subscription of $39/month includes unlimited viewing and access to my complete library of workouts. I hope you will join me each day at a time convenient for you!








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Deanna's  "Strong Over 65" workouts have made my daily tasks easier. Her programs gave me strength and endurance in a time of my life when I felt age was making me weaker. I can now climb stairs without holding on to the rails, I get up and down from a chair with ease and can carry packages without struggling. Her knowledge and care enhances each experience. She is a gift. Give yourself the gift . - Mindy F.



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