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Personal Fitness Training

Light of Day Wellness offers Personal Training Services in the privacy of your home or in your Private Community Fitness Center. Training is provided in Venice, Englewood, North Port and areas of Port Charlotte.

My approach to fitness is about finding what makes you happy and

keeps you motivated. My well-rounded, results driven programming is

the key to your success. I will keep you motivated by providing workouts

that change daily and are designed based on your goals and fitness

level. Every session with me will bring you one step closer to achieving

all you set out for yourself… and then some.


I specialize in all phases of exercise programming including:

  • Custom program design based on your needs and goals

  • Workouts designed for weight loss

  • Program design for ages 18-50+

  • Senior Exercise Programs and Chair Exercise ages 70+

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

  • Strength training

  • Core stability

  • Balance and coordination

  • Stretch & flexibility

  • Post Physical Therapy - continuing exercise

  • Exercise programming for Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, knee, shoulder and back ailments

  • 30-minute programming for those needing to get it done

  • Low impact routines

  • High intensity workouts for those seeking it 


My workouts will help you achieve more energy, stronger bones, leaner muscles and most important reduce body fat to help raise your metabolism.  I include only exercises you are comfortable with. We will work together to find what makes you feel best and what programming options provide you with the results you are seeking for you and your body.

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In-Home Training Packages- One Hour Sessions

$80 per session (4 Session Purchase)

$78 per session (8 Session Package)

$75 per session (10 or more)

One time Consultation Fee: $45


Private Community Fitness Center Sessions 

$35 per session (up to 11 sessions)

$33 per session (12 Sessions or more)

One time Consultation Fee: $45

Private Community Fitness Center Sessions - Hour sessions

$70 per session - One hour (up to 11 sessions)

$68 per session (12 Sessions or more)

One time Consultation Fee: $45

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Deanna Amodie / Personal Trainer
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Warm Up, Stretch & Flexibility Portal

Warm Up, Stretch & Flexibility Portal

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Relax and enjoy! Incorporating stretching into your daily workouts or regular day is just as important to health & body functioning as regular exercise. The obvious benefits include:

· Reduced muscle tension.

· Increased range of movement in the joints.

· Enhanced muscular coordination.

· Increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body.

· Increased energy levels (resulting from increased circulation)


As we age, muscles can become tighter and range of motion in the joints can change. This can put a damper on activities and day to day functioning.  Stretching the lower back, chest & shoulders can help keep the spine aligned and improve overall posture. An increase in flexibility also improves balance and coordination.




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