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Hoop Fitness comes to North Port, Florida

Deanna Amodie -  Certified Hoola-FIT Instructor

There are no classes being held at this time.


What is Hula Hoop Fitness?

A great innovative way to exercise and have so much fun!  Work your Core Muscles and burn calories. Hoop Fitness can burn up to 500 calories hour for some according to the American Council on Exercise..

Hooping is a low impact, aerobic exercise that has the potential to aid in weight loss. It increases your heart rate for cardiovascular benefits and elevates body temperature so we perspire and burn calories. It builds core strength and stability in the mid-section as well as improving coordination and balance. We do strength training with our hoop as well.

It is not a child’s plastic hoop that is impossible to keep on your waist!  Adult hooping is fitted for your height and frame. Adult hoops are larger so they stay on the waist. The weight and size of the hoops is what makes it easy to keep it on your waist. A hoop averages 1-2 lbs. Hoops are provided for classes and workshops or you may purchase your own through me.


A standard hoop class consists of the following Segments:

- Stretching and Warm Up 

- On Body Hooping, Waist Hooping, Legs and Arm Exercises

- Off Body Hand Hooping and Arm Exercises

- Core and Abdominal Work

- Cool Down & Stretch

(note: you are not hooping around the waist for a full hour)


Beginners are welcome at anytime. No experience necessary.

To order a handmade customized Hula Hoop

please see order information below.

Hoop Fitness Classes: 

Attend your first class FREE!

Hoops are provided.

Days: TBA

Times: TBA

Location: TBA

Registration: No registration required. 

First time attending?

You must arrive by 9am on your first day to be sized for your hoop.


First Class: Free

$15 per class drop-in

$80 - 8 classes 

What  to bring:

Sneakers or closed shoe, no flip flops.

Water, Towel

Hoops are provided but you may bring your own if you have one.

For more Information about Hoop Fitness Contact Deanna:

Phone: 941-218-7887


Complete my Contact Form


Customized Adult Fitness Hula Hoops

Practice at home and have your own hoop for class! Customize the design of your own hula hoop. Handmade by me. 
You pick 2 colors or one of the same. One 1" tape and one smaller 1/4' tape.
See some designs below to choose from or we can customize and create for you. You may also customize more than 2 colors for an additional fee.
To Place your order go to my STORE page.
Tapes 3.jpg

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