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Testimonials & Reviews

"After years of yo-yo dieting and exercising on my own, I was thrilled I had found Deanna.  After working with her I have achieved results that I have never been able to achieve on my own. Her personalized program and expertise has helped me shed the weight and tone areas that I have always wanted to target.  I am still a “work in progress” but I feel a confidence in myself and know that this time I will finally achieve my goals. Thanks Deanna for all your support!"

- Nancy H.

“Having belonged to various gyms and exercise programs over the years, I can say that Deanna’s program provided me with the most significant progress and results. As a client for three years, I found her programs are varied and responsive to my specific needs. Her positive attitude, professionalism and expertise create an atmosphere that enhances my physical and emotional well-being.”- Loren B.

 “My experience training with Deanna has been a pleasure. I trained with her for about two years and in that time my workouts incredibly changed my body shape. My workouts were perfect for my body and they not only helped me physically but also gave me more confidence. She is a great trainer, and a friend who I feel comfortable with.”

- Maria L.

 “When I first met Deanna I was searching for a new trainer. I have a medical condition which limits what I can and cannot do and I was looking for someone that can work with my limitations. Although she never worked with my condition, Deanna took the time and researched how she could help me. She was supportive and caring to my needs and designed my workouts to accommodate my limitations. All of her clients are in good hands!”

-Linda F.

“I have found my sessions with Deanna to be such a positive experience.  Her attention to detail throughout my workout is great and my sessions are never boring because she is extremely creative with preparing my routines.”

Andrea S. 

“I was a client of Deanna’s for four years. She is a thoughtful trainer who was always assessing my strengths and weaknesses and adapting my workouts to specifically target my needs. She made it fun and interesting by changing my workouts every week so our time together never became routine. Thanks Deanna, I am enjoying my toned muscles and increased strength!”

Eileen R.

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