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Support & Classes

Registration is required for Groups, Classes and Workshops. Space is limited in each.
To Register:
Contact Deanna Amodie at
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Light of Day Wellness Events and Classes are held

May through December. Please check back in Summer 2017.

Thank You


Women’s Weight Loss Empowerment Group

Feel better in your body. Be better in your life.




LOCATION: 218 East Venice Ave. #208, Venice, FL 34285

(Seaboard Office Park under the Venice Ave. bridge)

Space is Limited to Six People


Cost: Your first group is complimentary. 4 Session Package $48 or One Session $15


Have you ever heard the expression “When women come together, magic happens”?

Well it does! And we can all use a little magic in our lives.


So many women struggle with weight loss and unhealthy habits with food. But why?

For most, everyday obstacles like stress and lack of time, tend to affect our eating habits and can stop us from gaining control of our health and wellness.  These are normal struggles most of us face. The goal is to learn how to overcome them and not be at battle with them.


There are many obstacles that can take us off our path, working too many hours, not getting enough sleep, taking care of others, not enough “ME” time , emotional upsets and past traumas… I can keep going on and on. Well, you are not alone and that is why I am forming this support group.


The Group’s Mission:

To support each other on a new journey and walk a different path towards better eating habits. To empower each other to gain control and tackle those obstacles that stop us from moving forward to the healthier life we wish to live. No fad diets, or foods we do not like, just a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices we can make to achieve our overall goals. Our group discussions will guide us towards future themes for our meetings and assist us in establishing the core areas we need to focus on. Our main focus is for you to create a happy and healthy life that works best for YOU and a body YOU love to live in. No pressure.


My Intention for the Group

To create a positive gathering place where women of all ages and sizes, can unite to create magic together. Each meeting will give us an opportunity to share, if you choose to do so. By sharing, it gives us a chance to get to know each other and the lifestyle challenges we face. There is no judgement, ever! My role is to offer my guidance and support to the group as a whole by providing motivation, helpful tips, affirmations, creative solutions, and positive lifestyle changes. In time, helping each individual to increase their knowledge and make proper choices for themselves.


We will NOT be focusing on “the perfect diet plan”, there isn’t one. Or how to achieve the so called “perfect body”, what is perfect anyway?  My methodology is to encourage and support women not to create restrictions, but to enjoy food without guilt. It’s simply about relaxing and finding what works best for you and your personality.  Sometimes that is all the body needs to let go of the extra weight. 




Private Community Residents at Cypress Falls & Riverwood please visit your residents page. Private Communities Page.

Group Training Classes


To receive future announcements complete my contact form


Lifestyle & Weight Loss Management

Dates: TBA SPRING 2017





Lifestyle and Weight Loss Management is key for overall health & well-being.

During this Workshop I will guide you on a whole new journey to gaining control

of your weight. We will not be focusing on what the scale says, or depriving

ourselves. We will focus on finding a healthy food plan that works for you that

will initiate weight loss and build a lifestyle of maintaining it. Below are the main topics we will focus on during our time together.


Any one of the listed topics can affect the bodies’ ability to drop the weight or even maintain it. If you feel you can use guidance on at least three of these topics than you should consider joining me for this workshop.


We meet weekly to give you time to soak in what you've learned at each session and incorporate it into your life.


Healthy Eating and Living the Lifestyle

Setting Goals and Rewards

Balancing Calories and Physical Activity

Controlling Your Weight

Eating in Moderation

Cooking Up a Healthy Diet and Planning Ahead

Identifying Obstacles and Barriers

Emotional Eating and Tackling Triggers

Self Talk and Reflection

Managing Time and Stress

Staying Motivated & On Track

Healthy Shopping Strategies and Eating Out

Support from Friends and Family

Most importantly, you will learn to reduce and manage stress, and its’ relationship to weight management. Stress has become a major influential factor effecting well-being and overall health. Stress can lead to many challenges including weight gain, higher cholesterol and compromised immune function.


Registration Information: Registration is required



Relaxation Classes 

Calm Coloring for Adults: Mandalas

Dates: Beginning in 2017

Calm Coloring for Adults: Fairies

Dates: Beginning in 2017

Coloring is known to have a therapeutic ability to reduce anxiety, create focus and bring about more mindfulness. Like meditation, coloring allows the brain to switch off and calm other thoughts and feelings. Coloring is no longer just for children, it is also for the “inner child” we all have inside us as adults.

Come calm yourself and let your inner child play. Bring a Friend!

Fee: $12 / cash, includes all supplies

Registration Information: Space is limited to 6 people and Registration is required.


Wellness & Meditation Classes

Chakras: The Seven Energy Centers

Dates: Beginning in 2017

Join me on this enlightening path to discover your powerful energy centers, The Chakras.


Our energy (or life force) flows within the body through pathways called "chakras” and

surrounds us in an energy field called the “aura” The seven chakras are the centers in our

body in which energy flows through. When these centers are blocked, health and wellness

can be compromised and illness can occur.


We will discuss each Chakra and you will learn what its element is, the color it resonates

with and the emotions and imbalances associated with each one. End the class with a

Chakra Meditation.

Fee: $15 cash, includes Chakra Guide

Registration Information: Registration is required. Space is limited to 6 people. 

Complimentary Relaxation & Meditation Classes

Light of Day Wellness offers free classes on a monthly basis on a variety of wellness topics. Classes run for 45 - 60 minutes.

Release & Let Go

Date: Beginning in 2017


Let go of stress and release what no longer serves you. During my relaxation class I will guide you through progressive relaxation techniques, breath awareness and a guided meditation. 


It is important for our mind and overall health to release what we hold on to.  Stress affects our well-being and it can lead to many challenges including weight gain, higher cholesterol and compromised immune function.


Join me on this relaxation journey.

Registration Information:

This is a free class. Registration is required. Space is limited to 6 people. 

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