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Welcome to Light of Day Wellness

Light of Day: to come into being; to appear for the first time; to be born;

to be brought out of a place where it has been for a long time;

to be realized; to become known; to exist; to begin.

Wellness: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

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Hello my name is Deanna Amodie and I am the owner of Light of Day Wellness, LLC located on the Southwest Coast of Florida. I am a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Loss Management Specialist and Personal Trainer through the National Endurance Strength Training Association (NESTA), as well as a Certified Group Instructor & Facilitator. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2004 and resided in New York in my earlier career. I was the owner of a Women’s Fitness Center for over 8 years on Long Island and now have continued my training career here in Florida.  During my seventeen year career I trained with clients from ages 16 through 80, each of them with different bodies, different goals and different abilities. My programs provide support and proper instruction to guide individuals on their fitness journey safely and effectively. I am committed to helping individuals improve their quality of life and well-being through exercise & energy healing.

My Fitness Programming:

Over the years I began working primarily with those in their forties, fifties and sixties as well as providing routines for those in their seventies and eighties. I now specialize in exercise programming for ages 40 - 70+. While training my clients and personalizing their programs I found that they each had a lot in common. Some exercises were no longer serving them in a positive way. It was obvious that  their bodies were no longer welcoming high impact, fast paced, jumping moves they were used to doing in their younger years. I then began specializing in program design more suitable for my clients as they moved through life. I began designing lower impact workouts that did not require high intensity movement or lots of jumping while still keeping workouts challenging and results driven.  This proved great success among my clients. This brought my trainings to another level being able to provide specific age groups with exercise programs they can do safely and effectively. Keeping in mind, lower impact does not mean easier. It means that we are honoring our body with exercise more suitable for us and any ailments we may have. My programs always give options for Beginner to Advanced based on a client’s fitness level so they always feel challenged.


In 2022 I became certified by ASFA as a Golf Fitness Instructor.  I offer one-day workshops in Golf Course & Private Communities in Southwest Florida as well as Personal Golf Fitness Training sessions. to read more about my program and what is offered please visit my Golf Fitness Training page. click here 


Online Fitness for Ages 65+:

In 2020 following the Covid-19 shutdown of the fitness industry it was imperative that I come up with a way for my clients to stick to their workouts without being able to meet me for training. The pandemic forced me to step out of my comfort zone and begin offering programs online so clients can work with me from the privacy and safety of their own home. I developed a Video Streaming Channel for my seniors STRONG OVER 65 that can be accessed directly from my website for a small monthly fee. The channels grew successfully and I now can provide another level of service for those who prefer AT HOME workouts. For more information or to start a FREE Video Trial click here.

My Energy Healing & Meditation Programming:

In 2014 I decided to grow my business and assist people not only with their fitness and weight loss but with their mind and spirit as well, bringing mind & body together as a whole. Although we can look and feel great from the outside, I realized that most people where not so great on the inside. I thought if we are going to work so hard on how we look on the outside why would we not focus on feeling great on the inside?


I then decided to get certified and practice Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing. Receiving Energy Healing in my past for trauma and some ailments, I realized the amazing benefits and it inspired me to begin practicing on my own. Through the years of doing my own self-healing, meditation, peace and calm became part of my daily life. With much practice, it opened me up to a completely different way of thinking and living. It has been life changing for me and it only feels right to share it with my clients through inner healing and empowerment. For more information or to schedule a Healing Session click here.

My Energy Healing Art - Resin with Crystals

Amethyst, Quartz, Tigers Eye...Check out a variety of healing crystals and stone Jewelry. My resin 

art focuses on The seven energy centers of the body "The Chakras". Orgonite Resin Pyramids are an amazing and creative art form that can bring healing energy into the home or for the individual. Combining organic and inorganic compounds makes amazing healing art that is also decorative.

Visit my Crystal & Resin Art Shop click here.


As you review my programs and shops you will see there is something for everyone, no matter what you are seeking to enhance your well-being. I am here to provide the guidance and support you need. I look forward to sharing my experience, art and expertise with you.

For more information or to schedule a Consultation click here.

My Certifications include:

Tera-Mai ™ Reiki Healing Practitioner

NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer

NESTA Lifestyle & Weight Loss Management Specialist

ASFA Golf Fitness Instruction Trainer

FiTour Group Fitness Instructor

HoolaFit™ Hoop Dance Fitness Instructor

Kickboxing Fitness Institute Kickboxing Fitness Trainer

CPR / AED Adult and Children

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