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Light of Day: to come into being; to appear for the first time; to be born;

to be brought out of a place where it has been for a long time;

to be realized; to become known; to exist; to begin.

Wellness: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

My name is Deanna Amodie and I am the Owner of Light of Day Wellness LLC. During my career I have worked with clients from ages16 to 75+, each of them with different bodies, different goals and different struggles. My programs are not about making lifestyle changes you cannot stick to or live by, they are about supporting you on your journey and helping you find what is best for YOU and the BODY you live in.


I am a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Loss Management Specialist and Personal Trainer through the National Endurance Strength Training Association (NESTA).  I am also a Certified Group Instructor & Facilitator in addition to teaching HoolaFIT™ Hoop Fitness Classes. I have been a health & fitness enthusiast for over 25 years, and began my professional career in 2004. I am committed to helping individuals improve their quality of life and well- being.

​In 2014 I decided to grow my business and assist people not only with their fitness and weight loss but with their mind and spirit as well. Although we can look and feel great from the outside, I realized that most people where not so great on the inside. I thought, if we are going to work so hard on how we look on the outside why would we not focus on feeling great on the inside.


I then decided to practice Energy Healing. Receiving Energy Healing in my past for trauma and some ailments, I realized the amazing benefit of it and it inspired me to begin practicing on my own.

Through the years of doing my own self healing, meditation, peace and calm became very needed in my life. With much practice, it opened me up to a completely different way of thinking and living. It has been life changing for me and it only feels right to share it with my clients through inner healing and empowerment.

As you review my programs and services you will see there is something for everyone, no matter what you are seeking to enhance your well-being. I am here to provide the guidance and support you need.

My Certifications include:

NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer

NESTA Lifestyle & Weight Loss Management Specialist

FiTour Group Fitness Instructor

HoolaFit™ Hoop Dance Fitness Instructor

Kickboxing Fitness Institute Kickboxing Fitness Trainer

Tera-Mai ™ Reiki Healing Practitioner

CPR / AED Adult and Children

A little more about me:

​I owned and operated a Fitness and Personal Training Studio in New York and now reside on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I grew up an overweight teenager, and struggled with my weight for years. By the time I was eighteen I was at my heaviest and my weight began wearing on me physically and mentally. At twenty years old I hit a point where I was unhappy and insecure. I just wanted to be comfortable in my own skin.  It was time to stop the yo-yo dieting and fad diets and figure out a way to be friends with food and lead a healthier lifestyle. I finally accepted that EXERCISE and EATING RIGHT was a LIFESTYLE, not a temporary fix.

I believe my ability to relate to my clients, having been in most of their shoes, is what makes me effective and successful.  To truly be able to say to a client “I know how you feel” and “I know how hard this can be” brings comfort to them and to me.

I look forward to sharing my experience and programs with you.

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