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Lifestyle & Weight Loss Management

​As a NESTA Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist,

I will guide you on a whole new journey to gaining control of your weight.

and helping you achieve your goals using the latest proven strategies.

No dieting and no deprivation.


During a consultation, we will first assess your needs and any obstacles you

may face with your diet. This is our starting point. If you  feel guided to work

with me we will move forward to set attainable goals over the weeks ahead. 

It is important, that together, we find the path that works best for you, your

lifestyle and your body.


We will work on how your lifestyle effects your weight and build a food plan

that works for you and your daily routine. Meal plans are designed based on your likes and dislikes. There are no deprivations and no dieting. My weight loss plan is a LIFESTYLE not a diet. It simply is set to a caloric intake that will boost metabolism and bring on weight loss based on your age, height and weight. And yes, you can fulfill your cravings when needed. 


As with any weight loss program, exercise plays a crucial role and we will work together

to come up with a lifestyle plan that works for you and your schedule.

Personal Consultation: $40 (one-time fee)

To set up a Consultation please call, email or text to:





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​​Deanna Amodie
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